French Roulette Zero Exception

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Zero in French Roulette
Although American and European Roulette is the most popular casino wheels, French Roulette is a great option for players looking for winning strategies. Applying the same rules as the American and European versions of Roulette, the French wheel has a special rule when the zero box is the winning bet.

The Rule of Zero

In Casino Roulette, all bets are lost when the wheel ball lands on the zero square. Except if you bet on the zero boxes, and your bet wins. Then, of course, you win!
In French Roulette, you don’t lose all bets placed on simple odds when the zero box is the winning bet. Simple odds are bets on colours (red and black), odds and evens, or a series of numbers 1-18 or 19-36.
In these cases, you have two choices available:

  • You can recover half of your bet.
    The dealer refunds 50% of your bet directly.
  • You accept that the bet is “En Prison”.
    If the bet wins in the next round, you recover 100% of your stake.

Both these options are equal, but the En Prison Rule is generally the favourite of French Roulette fans.

Play French Roulette

The casino wheels in American gambling halls tend to be the American versions, with two zero spaces, the [0] and the [0-0]. On the other hand, in Europe, French Roulette features in some casinos in Germany, France and Italy. Moreover, some online casinos, like UK Casino Club, have the French version of the wheel too. So, you can easily play French Roulette on the Internet!

The best online casinos in the world with French Roulette in their catalogs are those affiliated with Evolution and Microgaming publishers. These casino game providers offer some of the most award-winning table games online. For example, a casino affiliated with Evolution and Microgaming is the UK Casino Club site. This online casino is one of the highest rated sites in England.

Winning French Roulette Betting Tips

Players love to use winning betting systems to try to beat the casino. Choosing to play French Roulette rather than American or European is already a good tip in Roulette. Typically, the French wheel is the way to go if using the simple odds strategy. The Martingale is a good example of a winning system for casino wheels with the French version.

Zeros on the casino wheel

The rules across the different Roulette casino wheels are all the same. The only thing changing is the number of Zeros inserted in the wheels. Regarding your odds of winning, whichever Roulette you choose, the odds of beating the casino are best on a wheel with a Zero slot.

The Zero of the 36-number wheels

One Slot Zero Roulette

European Roulette is the best known of casino wheels with a single zero [0] slot. In reality, there are nearly thirty different versions of Roulette. The game rules of these different versions are almost always the same, with a few exceptions depending on the casino.

The most popular Single Zero Roulettes are:

  • The English version (apart from a few details, it resembles the French wheel),
  • The European version (the most popular Roulettes with a zero space),
  • The French version (available live on some casino sites).

English Roulette is mostly available in large casinos in Germany and France. This wheel, like French Roulette, has a good Zero rule. So, what’s the difference? When the ball lands on the Zero slot, bets lost on simple odds are refunded by half (there is no “En Prison” rule).

Other Roulettes, such as the American with its two Zeros or particular Las Vegas wheels with three Zeros, are also popular, but they do not offer good odds.

Casino Roulette Payout Rates

The Roulette wheels with the best payout rates favouring players are the English and French versions.

    • English: 98.65%
    • French: 98.65%
    • European: 97.3%
    • American: 94.74%
    • Roulette with three zeros: 92.31%