Roulette: one of the most iconic of all casino games available right here! Whether played online or locally, the casino roulette always follows the same rules. These rules are fully available on our pages.

We also offer a list of selected and reliable UK online casinos. Our guide is entirely managed by British internet gambling experts.
Before going any further, please note that there are three types of online roulette: American, European and French. These three versions are played in the same way, but there are differences to be known before making your first bet.

Online Roulette casino wheel
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Finding reliable roulette sites is crucial for confident gambling.

Our guide will allow you to:

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  • Discover the best known strategies,
  • Have access to reliable online casinos.

Thanks to our guide you will play roulette just like a true professional!

Testing of online roulette websites

We’ve tried and tested the most visited online casinos in the UK for you, and chosen to list only those with the best reputation. You can find our selection of prestigious sites on our dedicated Roulette pages.

Online roulette variations

More than ten type of roulette games exist. The most popular are the American, the European and the French. The other versions are not available online or even in land-based casinos. However, there are two exceptions. The English roulette and the mini roulette. English roulette is played in land-based casinos in England, as well as in a selection of European palaces. As for the mini roulette, it’s a version of the classic roulette with 36 numbers, but with 12 digits. Gone are the days when all kinds of roulette variants existed! In fact, former roulettes were not fair and have been withdrawn from the market. The betting options for these versions gave the gambling houses a strong advantage. The players didn’t like it! Today, only nostalgic people in private circles still play these old roulette games.
There are many similarities between the three roulettes, yet the French remains the most profitable, followed by the European. The American roulette is the one with the lowest odds of winning. On some online casinos, the European roulette can be played using the French rules.

American Roulette

American version The American roulette, the most popular one in the US, has 38 pockets running from 1 to 36, the Zero [0] and the double Zero [00].

European Roulette

European version The European roulette is generally the most popular of the casino roulettes. Unlike the Amercian, it has 37 pockets and no double zero [00].


French Roulette

French version The roulette wheel is identical to the European one. What is the main difference? A particular rule applies when the Zero [0] comes out.


Online roulette software

There are two ways to play the roulette:

  • In instant mode,
  • Or with live dealers.

For Windows

Using Windows, you can either play directly on the web browser or download the casino game on your PC.

For Mac, tablets and mobile phones

On Mac OS and iOS, tablets and mobiles, the instant games module will be automatically activated. It is not necessary to install an App to play online roulette.

Instant Roulette

Instant Roulette, or Electronic roulette, is the most popular of all. It just requires a web browser which easily adapts to any system: PC, Mac, tablets or smartphones.

Live roulette with real dealers

Live gaming is an immersive experience! Live roulette is played in real time with real dealers, just as in a land-based casino. But not all live casinos and instant games are of equal quality. It is therefore recommended to choose an online casino using secure software.

Winning roulette strategies

Casino roulette is sometimes compared to a strategy game. Some tricks claim to boost results at the gaming table. These strategies use methods based on betting systems. It is highly recommanded to refer to such winning strategies to handle time management and budgets, and to maintain good behavioural attitudes. However, one should not assume that these playing techniques are always reliable. The gambling house is usually favoured. So we advise cautiousness before committing money to any casino.

Payment methods

Online casino sites offer several means of payment to facilitate money transactions. Debit cards are most commonly used for deposits and withdrawals, but it is also possible to use a bank account. All banking operations on UK casino sites are fully secured. Paypal is also available, and some online casinos may even accept vouchers.

Customer assistance

Online casino sites have customer assistance which responds rapidly to all customer requests. Assistance is available 24/7. You can speak live using the chat if you need a response within seconds. Assistance is also possible by e-mail or by phone for active players.
Each casino has its own FAQ page for fast access to the most common questions.