Play Three-Zero Roulette in Las Vegas

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The most common versions, one-zero casino wheels, are the most popular Roulette wheels. However, American Roulette, Roulette wheels with two zero boxes (0 and 0-0) is still the most popular in the USA.

What about triple zero slot Roulette?

You can play this type of Roulette, which came about in 2016, in major Las Vegas casinos. This version first appeared at The Venetian in Las Vegas.

Three zero casino Roulette

Venetian Las Vegas and Sands Roulette

The Venetian is the most iconic casino in Las Vegas, and they had a stroke of genius by introducing their new wheels in 2016. Their three-zero wheel, The Sands Roulette, quickly became popular and was the only one of its kind from 2016 to 2018.

Since 2019, other gaming houses competing with the Venetian chose to feature three-zero casino Roulette wheels. Today, you can find three-zero wheels in New York-New York, Planet Hollywood, Excalibur, and the MGM Grand casinos in Las Vegas
Sands Roulette at the Venetian Casino in Las Vegas
The triple-zero square is the game’s logo in the three-zero Roulette at Venetian Las Vegas. The Sands Roulette game is unique, attracting many players who want to try their luck.

36 numbers and 3 zeros

Is it worth playing Roulette with three zeros? If you want to have fun without betting thousands, yes. In addition, if you are visiting Las Vegas, the Venetian complex is one of the most beautiful casino rooms in the world. On the other hand, if you are looking for a Roulette with the best odds of winning, you should try a different version.

The Venetian Las Vegas Casino in the USA
If you are trying to win as often as possible, three-zero Roulette wheels are not favorable. Indeed, on the different wheels, whatever the bet, the odds of winnings are always based on 36 numbers (from 1 to 36). In one-zero Roulette, the gambling house has a one-box advantage. In American Roulette, the house has a two-square advantage, zero and double zero. In three-zero Roulette, the gaming houses considerably increase their profit margins, which is not great for players.

The odds of winning on the different versions of Roulette impact the size of winnings.

Roulettes and zero squares

Roulette Segments RTP Margins
English and French (1 zero) 37 98.65% 1.35%
European(1 zero) 37 97.30% 2.70%
American (2 zeros) 38 94.74% 5.26%
Roulette with Three Zeros 39 92.31% 7.69%

Whether you place outside bets (colors), or inside bets ( full numbers), the odds change on different wheels.

Always choose a Roulette wheel with a zero to maximize your chances of winning.

Many guides highly rate the European version of Roulette. However, by opting for English or French Roulette, players have an advantage thanks to a special zero rule. Considering both the English and French wheels are only available in a few casinos, players often turn to European Roulette to win spins on the casino wheel.

Online player preferences

In online casinos, players bet on the American and European casino Roulette wheels the most. The majority of players starting with Roulette often begin with American Roulette. However, on the whole, European Roulette has the most success.

When it comes to implementing winning strategies, French Roulette takes first place. The French version of the wheel with 36 numbers has a top-notch rule when zero is the winning bet which players love.

Play Roulettes with three zeros

You can only play Roulettes with three zeros in Las Vegas or in the giant casinos in Mexico’s tourist areas. There are not any online casinos with three-zero wheels on the Internet. Surprisingly, online casino operators are just not interested.

However, the rumor is that the Evolution and Microgaming publishers, world leaders in online casino games, will offer three-zero casino Roulettes to their affiliated online casinos. When that day comes, our guide’s team will post all the details.

Casino game payout rates

The theoretical redistribution rate (the RTP) of Roulette with three zeros is only 92.31%. This rate is the lowest of all table games. On the other hand, it might be more interesting to try your luck on slot machines with large jackpots.

For example, millions are up for grabs on the WowPot series of slots. These games, which you can find on the WowPot guide, have RTP rates similar to three-zero roulettes.

RTP rates explained

The RTP (Return To Player) defines the percentage of money the casino game returns to players. It is the ratio between all the money wagered by players on a specific game and the total sums returned to the players.

The casino’s profit margin shrinks when a casino game has an RTP rate close to 100%. Typically, if you are a Roulette enthusiast, you reduce the casino’s profit margins by opting for the French version of the game (98.65% RTP). On the other hand, if you are a slot machine player, you should ignore games with high RTP rates. You can only find big jackpots on slot machines whose RTP is below 97%.