Are you interested in strategies for winning at online roulette? Here they will all be revealed to you! Only the techniques that boost results have been selected. However, we do advise cautiousness. In theory, roulette strategies may seem convincing but in practice no technique has proven its worth. The aim of this article is not to convince you to use any specific system, but to introduce known playing methods. In no way should you consider the methods developed here as miracle recipes. In roulette, the fact that the gambling house always has the advantage makes it impossible to affirm that any gambling strategy can guarantee winnings.

Winning at Roulette

The Paroli strategy is the most efficient way to play. It’s low-risk and still offers a chance to win. The other chosen systems are also profitable, yet more risky.

Which Roulette game pays best?

French Roulette is the one that pays the best. Compared to the other online roulettes (American and European), the French has a better return to player rate. Yet not all casinos have French Roulette! Alternatively, the European is the right choice. The American is the one which pays the least. Regarding English Roulette in land-based casinos is comparable to French roulette.

Winning strategies

Casino roulette payout rates
The payout rate for French Roulette is 98.65% on single odds. Compared to the other two roulettes, it’s much better.


Paroli is a progressive system. You bet with a base unit, say £10, and end up with a few hundred dollars (or more) from a winning series. Bets are made on single odds. For every losing bet there’s nothing to do except bet another unit on the next round. It gets interesting starting on the first win: you have to double up on the next round and bet two units. You have to keep doubling on all following wins. Paroli’s effectiveness? You bet on profits, not on the capital. The only risk is to lose the initial stake with each round. To win, you have to set a limit. A good shot is to win five times in a row, then cash out and leave the casino.

Paroli testing

With an initial stake of £10 with the Paroli strategy, here’s what happens:

Bets Losses Doubled bets Total profits
1. 10 -10 10 10
2. 10 -20 20 30
3. 10 -30 40 70
4. 10 -40 80 150
5. 10 -50 160 310
6. 10 -60 320 630
7. 10 -70 640 1270
Our table shows what happens in a series of seven consecutive bets. The risk is limited. After five wins in a row, it becomes interesting. With seven wins in a row, it’s even better! It is not uncommon to arrive at five wins in a row. Winning 5 times in a row at Paroli pays 31 times the original stake. Starting with a £10 chip, the gain is now £310.


Parlay is similar to Paroli. The difference? The betting limit is at its maximum, so the risk is higher. The most ambitious Parlay players set a goal of seven to ten wins in a row. Ten wins sounds crazy, but it’s possible on long series. With Parlay, winning ten times in a row on single odds amounts to 1023 times the original stake. With a £10 bet that’s a jackpot of £10,230. This gaming system is similar to that of slot machines, but with Parlay the chances of winning are higher.


The d’Alembert strategy is a slow progressive system. D’Alembert is played on single odds. One chip is enough to get started. Each time you lose, you add a chip, and when you win, you remove one. Once the goal is reached, it’s a win. With this method, doubling your capital is feasible over long series. The D’Alembert game avoids betting too much money after several losing moves. This technique is recommended for online roulette players who want to have fun without taking too many risks.


A well known system, but very risky. It’s easy to learn, yet beginners often lose at Martingale due to lack of experience. This technique is used on single odds (1:1 bets). A starting amount is decided beforehand. The genius of the Martingale theory? An initial bet is won after a set of losing bets. The aim is to double on each loss, and return to the original bet on each win.
Easy, isn’t it? Whenever you win you bet one chip, and when you lose you double. Theoretically, the Martingale system is flawless. But in practice, it can cost you a lot of money. With Martingale, losing several bets in a row will require a lot of chips. For this reason, the Martingale is not recommended unless you set yourself a limit. Without a limit, the exponential principle is a problem. This is what happens in practice:

Bet Total
1. 10 10
2. 20 30
3. 40 70
4. 80 150
5. 160 310
6. 320 630
7. 640 1270
We exaggerated by presenting seven consecutive losses, but this allowed to test the Martingale to its utmost. Seeing the single odds come out seven times in a row is not uncommon. But it’s advisable to set a limit. For example, one can decide to double at every loss but only three times in a row. In this case the fourth bet would be one unit.
How can one emerge as a winner? Do the same as with the other methods! You should leave the casino once your goal is achieved – e.g. doubling your capital.

Methods to avoid

Have you ever heard of Labouchère, Fibonacci, Zographos, Wells, and 007? These names appear on roulette guides. These strategies seem good, but when tested, we were disappointed. In fact these techniques are losing methods. They are in fact high-rolling methods, that’s all. Frankly, we do not recommend that you put these systems into practice.
Strategies to avoid

Advice on winning methods

Tips for winning at roulette
The winning strategies present in our guide are the most effective. Yet one should be aware that gambling houses always have an advantage of a few percent. In order to reduce the casino’s advantage it is crucial to play responsibly. Even if you master the tricks of the game, it doesn’t mean that you will win every time. The best way not to lose is to adopt the right attitude and keep a cool head. The trick? Do not invest more than £100, and as soon as a reasonable goal is reached, cash out and leave the casino.

French Roulette – 98.65% RTP

As explained earlier, French roulette has the highest rate. On single odds, bets produce good effects. Thanks to the Zero rule, there’s an additional advantage on single odds. Usually all bets are lost when the Zero comes out, unless of course the bet was on it. With the French roulette, all is not lost! There’ a way to recover the loss. It’s the “In prison” rule. The bet is secured for the next round, and if it’s a win, the money is recovered. Another option is to recover half the stake without imprisoning the bet. So, try to get everything back or get only half back? Both choices are equivalent.

Increasing your results

The winning strategies are based on single odds. So bets should be made with French Roulette. The return to player rate of the game is 98.65% on 1:1 bets. With American roulette, the rate is limited to 94.74%, and to 97.3% with European roulette. Unfortunately French Roulette is not available outside of France, except on the Internet, but not all online casinos offer it. No stress! You can find it at Luxury Casino.