Looking for the best casino websites in 2024? You will find here a selection of the best and most reputable UK online casinos. All these online casinos are just one click away! Or just one swipe away if you are using a mobile phone!

Best UK Casino Sites in 2024

Only the most reputable real money casinos in the UK have been selected by our experts. One key word: quality. You can register with great confidence on any of these selected casinos. They offer the best managed cash games in the gambling sector. Table games or slot machines? You have come to the right place. All games from our affiliated online casinos to are developed by Microgaming and Evolution, the two most awarded gambling groups in England.

Best UK Casino


The first place goes to Villento for its live Roulette tables, and for the full-immersion experience at the green table! Thanks to the seriousness of the online casino, there is no need to go to a local casino. Playing online at Villento’s is like playing in a Las Vegas casino, but from home!
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Villento Casino

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18+ | Gamble responsibly
The welcome bonus is for new members only
A WR applies to all bonuses


This casino website is best for PCs and mobiles. Online since 2000, UK Casino Club is now iconic. The site offers games that will satisfy any types of demands. Roulette is the most popular casino game, followed by blackjack and slot machines. The UK Club has been elected best British online casino by numerous reviewers.
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UK Casino Club

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18+ | Gamble responsibly
The welcome bonus is for new members only
A WR applies to all bonuses


Casino Action is one of the finest Roulette rooms on internet. Each day, thousands of players gather around the gaming tables. Whether at Roulette or blackjack, there’s always a festive atmosphere at Casino Action. Live Roulette or Instant Play? This casino has it all!
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Casino Action

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18+ | Gamble responsibly
The welcome bonus is for new members only
A WR applies to all bonuses

Games adapt to each device

To guarantee the best gaming experience for each user, we have chosen the best sites for each device. Some casino sites work better on specific devices. We list which casino is suited to which device in the following paragraphs.
The most important criteria were:

  • Operating system on your device,
  • RAM power,
  • Graphics quality,
  • Screen size.


Do you have an Android device? Our testers have reviewed the best-designed sites in the industry. Our ranking on Android guarantees access to the latest generation games on smartphones and tablets. Thanks to modules adapted to web browsers, the Android sites of our selection offer over a hundred games.


Apple’s iOS mobile-friendly casino sites don’t require any downloads. Some of these casinos are much better than others. By opting for the Apple casino sites in our guide, you can play confidently without needing an App. The mobile casinos we feature in our guide are the most reliable on the web in terms of security.


We recommend all the online casinos we feature on our web pages for Macs. Three of these casinos are especially perfect for providing an exceptional gaming experience. In addition, the selected Mac sites have slot machines and Roulette available to play directly on Safari browsers.


You can play on casino sites on laptops and Windows PCs with or without downloading anything. However, games without needing any software are the most popular on the Internet. You can simply connect to the online casino via your web browser to start playing.

Play live or play instant games?

It’s all a question of preference. Both choices are of equivale value. Yet live games offer the most amazing experience of all. Just being face to face with live dealers is unbelievable. One negative point about live gaming sessions should, however, be mentioned. Live games tend to be slow. On the other hand, it’s the same problem as in a land-based casino. When there are several players at the same table, it’s tiresome to wait your turn to bet. With instant games this problem does not exist because you are never disturbed by other players.

Tests 2024 for choosing the best UK online casino

Choosing the most suitable online casino is not an easy task. Hundreds of casinos are available on the Internet, so it is not obvious at first glance to know which casino will be the best option. This in-depth selection work is one of the missions of our British reviewers. All tests carried out by our team are based on strict criteria. Each of these criteria focus on the player’s interests. In other words, the 2024 casino sites featured in our guide are all supervised by competent entities. Putting your interests before those of the gambling houses is the best guarantee we have to offer.

How to choose the best UK online casino

  1. The online casino must be licensed in the UK,
  2. The games should use the same rules as in land-based casinos,
  3. A welcome bonus has to be available,
  4. Customer assistance must be open at all times, 24/7,
  5. Pay-out of gains should be fast,
  6. The online casino must have a good reputation.


How do I choose the best online casino?

Best instant casino

Online casino instant games are very popular. Designed to fit PC and mobile screens, they are considered the best options. These games work on all web browsers and do not require any specific App.

Just by testing the Villento Casino Roulettes, one is delighted with the performance of instant games. And of course, all the other casino games are just as efficient.

2024 Overview

Our Online Roulette reviewers are our most valuable assets. The Villento, UK Casino Club and Casino Action are the casinos that have met all the requirements set by our experts. Of all 2024 online casinos, these three sites are the most reliable in every way.
By registering on one of these sites you will be able to play in demo mode or for real money. You will be offered a welcome bonus when placing your first real money bet. You only need to deposit £10 or more, according to your budget. This first deposit will entitle you to a bonus of 100% of the value of your deposit.

Opening our guide will bring you to the right place! If you want to play online, just select one of the above casino sites which are among the finest.