Big Online Roulette Winners

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Roulette, a beloved game of chance renowned in England’s most prestigious casinos, has become a global online sensation. The allure of live Roulette tables lies in the size of the bets you can place, leading some lucky players to land giant jackpots.

French Roulette winners at online casinos

As the online audience for Roulette grows, classic Roulette remains a favourite for big wins. However, cutting-edge game variants, such as those by Switch Studios, introduce innovative betting options that multiply potential winnings.

Record-Breaking Wins on Live Roulette

Our research on online casino jackpots starting from 2023 to the present reveals the most extraordinary wins on live French Roulette. Players achieved remarkable feats by strategically placing chips on a single number, rewarding them 35 times their stake. Daring high rollers have secured jackpots exceeding £100,000 on this original 36-number wheel.

Reserved for VIPs, French Roulette reigns supreme on online platforms, offering the highest betting limits for those seeking hefty rewards.

Single Zero Roulette

Roulettes featuring a single zero square are the most popular in gambling houses. Unlike American Roulette, which features two zero spaces, the single zero variant gives players better odds of winning. As a result, big winners are far more common in single zero Roulettes compared to their American counterparts.

Win the Roulette jackpot

Jackpot Records

Our team researched the biggest wins of 2023 from online Roulette. Among the biggest jackpots, the Luxury Casino site has seen the most big wins.

Casino Classic French Roulette $238,500
Luxury Casino French Roulette £150,000
Gaming Club French Roulette €145,000
Classic Casino French Roulette $143,000
Luxury Casino Live Roulette £126,000
Classic Casino French Roulette $109,000
Luxury Casino Live Roulette $90,000
Jackpot City European Roulette $89,500
Luxury Casino Instant Roulette $76,500
Gaming Club Live Roulette $72,000
Classic Casino Terminator 2 $70,000 Multifire Roulette £70,000

The jackpots in this table are in the currencies the player used at the time. Luxury Casino had the biggest winnings regarding jackpot records won by English gamblers.

Mega Moolah Millions

Switch Studios introduces Mega Moolah Roulette, a captivating game that draws in players with the prospect of winning life-changing jackpots. Part of the renowned Mega Moolah slot machine network, this Roulette game incorporates lucky numbers that appear in each round, presenting the chance to win millions with a single bet.

Since its online debut in 2022, progressive jackpot Roulette has grown increasingly popular. While the Roulette Mega Moolah jackpot remains elusive, players have taken home millions in winnings from Mega Moolah slot machines. Notably, a Canadian player made history with a staggering $20 million jackpot win at Zodiac Casino from their iPhone.

Bet on single numbers to win big

Tracking Roulette Winnings

Switch Studios’ innovative Roulette wheels capture our attention as we delve into the world of record-breaking online casino jackpots. These groundbreaking games promise excellent potential gains, captivating players with limitless possibilities. As seen on the platform, slot machines currently dominate the largest jackpots at online casinos.

There is a growing possibility that casino Roulettes will become the highest-paying casino game on the internet. With the advent of progressive jackpot mechanisms on Roulette wheels, unprecedented feats are anticipated in the years to come.