Ultra Warp Roulette £250,000 Jackpot

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Experience a revolution in online Roulette with Ultra Warp Roulette, developed by Switch Studios. This groundbreaking game, launched on 17th August 2023, introduces a 36-number wheel that significantly enhances your chances of winning, with jackpots as high as £250,000.

Ultra Warp Roulette and jackpot of 5000x the stake

Powered by Microgaming, Ultra Warp Roulette is now available at leading UK online casinos, offering a fresh take on European Roulette. What sets Ultra Warp apart is its innovative payout system—winning bets on single squares of the 36-number wheel can pay out anywhere from 19x to an astonishing 5000x the stake.

Lucky Numbers and Tri Rise on Ultra Warp Roulette

Every spin of the wheel brings excitement as four lucky numbers and one Tri Rise number are randomly selected, providing five chances to win big.

Only bets on a single number have the potential for substantial wins, with lucky numbers boosting your winnings up to 200x the stake and Tri Rise offering a multiplier ranging from 250x to a staggering 5000x the stake.

Roulette and lucky numbers with the addition of Tri Rise

The ultimate jackpots in Ultra Warp Roulette can reach 5000x the stake, meaning with bets of £50, you could take home a dazzling £250,000.

For bets on squares that aren’t lucky numbers or the Tri Rise, the payout remains at 19x the stake.

If you don’t make Straight Up Bets on a single number, you won’t win the Ultra Warp multipliers. In this case, you’ll play with European Roulette rules.

Boosting Your Winning Chances

To maximize your chances of winning big in Ultra Warp Roulette, bet on several unique numbers each round.

For instance, by betting on 12 numbers, you secure a 12/37 chance of making the right bet. Repeating this strategy in each round can yield substantial rewards, especially when you calibrate your bets to a minimum of £10 per number. Remember, it’s not just the Tri Rise that can lead to big wins – those four lucky numbers in each round offer ample opportunities to rake in substantial cash.

RTP Rate of Ultra Warp Roulette

Ultra Warp Roulette maintains a fixed redistribution rate (RTP) of 97.3%, matching classic one-zero Roulettes. What sets it apart is the remarkable potential for giant wins when betting on straight numbers.

Tri Rise Wins

A successful bet on the Tri Rise box yields payouts ranging from 250x to 5000x the stake. A mere £1 bet could translate into a remarkable £5000 win. To aim for the record jackpot of £250,000, consider placing £50 stakes per spin.

Betting at the Gaming Table

Ultra Warp Roulette offers the same betting options as classic Roulette. The maximum bets on a single square of the wheel are £50, with the highest bets placed on single odds, limited to £400. Winning bets on single odds pay out 1x your stake.

Betting table and winnings payouts

Ultra Warp Roulette Casinos

Casino sites affiliated with Switch Studios proudly feature the Ultra Warp Roulette game in their collections.

Many testers suggest that Villento Casino is an ideal platform to explore the Ultra Warp variant of the 36-number wheel. Its multi-platform compatibility and enticing welcome bonuses make it the perfect opportunity to try your luck and aim for big wins in Roulette games.

About Switch Studios

Switch Studios stands at the forefront of innovative electronic Roulette games globally. They’ve pioneered games like Roulette Mega Moolah, which offers you the chance to win millions from bets as low as 25 pence.

Compatible across all platforms, Switch Studios games are especially beloved by Apple users, providing a superb gaming experience on iPad, iPhone, and Mac devices.