Progressive Jackpot Wheel Slot Games

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Casino games played with wheels are not just limited to roulette. Indeed, other games such as wheels of fortune and other progressive roulettes allow jackpots via wheels.

Casino wheel slot games with big jackpots

Wheels of Fortune

Wheels of fortune originate from fairs and entertainment centers. They are not the most popular casino games. They can however be found in large Las Vegas resorts, as well as in online casinos. Some wheels of fortune offer prizes: cars, luxury cruises and vouchers for use at gourmet restaurants, while other wheels have real money prizes.

Wheels of Fortune on the Internet

In some online casino catalogues, massive cash prizes can be won through slot games. As with Las Vegas spinning wheels, such cash games have potential payouts that can reach 500 times the initial stake. With the highest possible bets on each spin, certain winning jackpots can exceed £500,000.

Dream Catcher

The most popular of the online casino wheel games is Dream Catcher. Other wheels are available on the Internet, but none of them do as well as Dream Catcher. Bets as small as 10 pence can be made on each spin, and larger bets are limited to £1000 per round. The biggest possible payout on this mythical game is a jackpot of £500,000.
Dream Catcher Wheel of Fortune

Are you interested in this game? If so, we recommend This online casino, affiliated with the company Evolution, publisher of Dream Catcher, benefits from a very good reputation.

Slot games with jackpots

The most incredible slot games are the progressive ones. With the most successful online casinos, these games have payouts of over a million pounds. The operating principle for such slot games is based on the random appearance of a wheel on the screen. Once the wheel is activated, a simple click on the SPIN button launches the game. Each segment of the wheel wins a jackpot.
Mega Moolah progressive wheel slot game

The most iconic of such slot games is the Mega Moolah game. Playable at Microgaming-affiliated casinos, the Mega Moolah wheel has payouts exceeding the million. The largest win on a slot game reached 19.43 million euros. It was a player from Belgium who managed to collect this record jackpot. In the UK, the biggest win on the Mega Moolah wheel was over £13.2 million!

Payout frequencies with progressive slot games

Games with highest jackpots, such as wheels of fortune and progressive slot games, are not the ones that offer the best chances of winning. In fact, they are the casino games with the lowest payout rates. Payout rates for jackpot slot games are typically 75% to 90%. What makes these games attractive? The great prizes to be won! Given the success of online slot games and the insane jackpots that are won through them, the jackpot slot game sector is the one with the highest payouts for the luckiest players.

Massive prize pools to be won

With every bet placed in a progressive slot game, a 4% to 10% portion is collected. This collected portion builds the jackpot of the given slot game. In short, the more bets are placed on progressive jackpots, the larger the payout becomes. That’s why multi-million jackpots are won on slot games such as Mega Moolah.

Casino slot games VS Roulettes

Roulette is a game that offers better payout odds compared to wheels of fortune and progressive slot games. However, some slot games allow you to win huge prizes, which is not the case with roulette. Granted, it’s not easy to win the top prize on wheels of fortune or on slot machines, but with a lot of luck, there’s still a chance. Luck counts with casino roulette, but with skill, any good player can reduce the casino’s winning margin. In sum, wheels of fortune and slot machines are still games where winning basically relies on chance, yet it’s different with roulette.

Verdict and points of view

Casino roulettes are classic games. Bets are made on the 36-number layout, and the pace of the game is slow. In terms of maximum payouts, that’s 35 times the stake on a straight-up bet. Betting options make it easy to double the stake! To do so, you have to bet on single odds like the flush for example. With this type of bet, it’s almost 1/1 with every spin of the wheel.

From the green table players’ point of view, roulette stands apart from wheels of fortune and slot machines.