LeoVegas – Online Casino Review and Testing

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The LeoVegas gambling website is often referred to as the world’s best online casino for mobiles. Is this overambitious? We tested the online game to establish our own opinion.

What can we say for now? LeoVegas.com is a reliable casino with a worldwide scope. Yet some criticisms can still be made! Compared to other online casinos, not all the LeoVegas games are among the most successful on the market.

The King on mobiles

LeoVegas management has a very good communication strategy. The advertising slogans of King of Casinos and Best Casino on Mobiles are widely broadcasted on TV, radio and the Internet. The concept is simple and works like a charm.
LeoVegas online casino for mobiles

LeoVegas is one of the most visited casino websites in the world.

What is their master stroke? Targeting the smartphone market. Basically, the website is tailor-made to display the slightest pixel on both iPhones and Android screens. It is also possible to play any of the online casino games without having to install the LeoVegas App. This no-download gaming option is very popular with casino fans.

LeoVegas is an exclusive concept

No other website resembles LeoVegas. What is the gambling website’s company goal? To be unique and considered as the most spectacular casino on the Internet.

What about the gaming experience at LeoVegas? All works perfectly. However, it cannot be said that the online casino is truly one of the best in the world. Indeed, there are many other casino websites that offer the same level of experience.

What is different with LeoVegas.com? The website’s graphic design. The logo, colours and design are all very well-conceived. In addition, the casino’s Mascot is its most original feature. The Lion is the casino’s icon.

Made in Sweden

The LeoVegas founders are from Sweden. This Scandinavian country is well known for its expertise in numerous areas. Yet the Casino Lion is not the only good performer on the Swedish Internet.

Other online casino game publishers have their headquarters in Stockholm, the Swedish capital. These success stories include the Evolution and NetEnt groups.

Evolution is global leader in live dealer online games (blackjack and roulette).

As for NetEnt, it’s one of the most productive publishers of online slot machines.

LeoVegas.com logo
Evolution and NetEnt offer star games on the LeoVegas catalogue. What does this imply? Web providers in Sweden tend to unite when it comes to partnerships.

LeoVegas RTP rates

The payout rate of casino games, commonly known as the “return to player” (RTP), is a key indicator in the casino industry. The rate indicates how much money the casino gives back to the players. For example, if a casino has an RTP of 95%, for £100 wagered, the house obtains a £5 margin and returns £95. This rate is certified by gambling authorities.

Currently, when gambling authorities checked the LeoVegas casino RTP rates, we were able to estimate an average RTP for the global gaming room. It is 95.41%.

Comparing casino RTP rates

Does the LeoVegas website provide a good RTP rate? According to our experts, not really. It is worth considering that the Villento Casino website, a trustworthy online casino, has an RTP of 97.19%. The difference between the Villento and LeoVegas rates equals 1.78%. In practice, you will benefit from a better payback by playing slot machines and table games at Villento Casino.

Large choice of games at LeoVegas

The LeoVegas website is one of the largest in the world in terms of casino game choices. Between table games, slot machines, and poker games, casino customers have access to over 1500 different titles. Although the casino offers a large choice of games, other online casinos have better payout rates on the games they provide.

Which online casino websites have the best payout rates? According to our tests, three profitable casinos stand out. The Villento Casino comes first and is considered the best performing virtual casino in terms of payout rate.

Second place goes to UK Casino Club and Casino Action which have the most equitable payout rates. Both of these casinos can be accessed via our welcome bonus page.

LeoVegas cash games

One of the casino’s most popular game is roulette. Consequently, LeoVegas’ marketing department often focuses its advertising campaigns on the casino roulettes. Therefore, even the biggest roulette fans are willing to subscribe on the roaring Lion’s website. Other favourite games at the casino are slot machines, followed closely by live dealer online games.

When it comes to face-to-face games with live dealers, blackjack and roulette appeal the most to players looking for authenticity.

Betting on sports events

The Lion’s website also has a dedicated sports betting section. What can be said? Obviously, it is managed in the same way as the two bookmaker websites Bet365.com and Betway.com. Both websites are well known to the general public and have extensive and quality online gambling opportunities.

LeoVegas game providers

The LeoVegas group does not own the games on its website. The Lion’s games are provided by third party companies. The engineers at LeoVegas did try to launch their own games but soon realised that the task was far too complex. Hence the Swedish company’s decision to appeal to third party casino game providers.

For the most part, all game publishers in the LeoVegas.com catalogue are reliable partners. Yet some of the publishers chosen by LeoVegas’ general management do not have an impeccable reputation. It is simply disappointing to see that some LeoVegas slot machines have lower payout rates compared to other casinos.

40 affiliated partners

LeoVegas’ money games are supplied by over 40 different providers. Among these providers, Microgaming is the most prestigious. Overall, the Lion’s website currently has more than 1500 games in its catalogue. This figure is astounding and increases every month as new items are frequently added to the catalogue.


The Microgaming label is a genuine added value for online casinos featuring the publisher’s games. The publisher’s slot machines are the most successful of the sector. Among Internet’s most popular worldwide jackpot games, Microgaming’s WowPot slot game is the most impressive.

Regarding table games, Microgaming provides players with tailor-made solutions that meet the latest demands of the market. Through its subsidiary On Air Entertainment which is registered with the Malta Gaming Authority, Microgaming’s customers can enjoy live blackjack and roulette.

The games provided by On Air Entertainment are of similar quality compared to the Evolution live games on the LeoVegas website.

Microgaming WowPot slot machines

Tips and picks from players

Browsing the LeoVegas website, game sections are found to be easily accessed. It is also possible to find games via keywords. If you search for Microgaming game titles, for example, you will find all the publisher’s games.

When it comes to roulette, our guide’s favourite game, choosing French Roulette will reduce the casino’s advantage. This tip should be taken seriously if you wish to optimise your results. On this point, the LeoVegas website does better than its competitors since French roulette is not always available on all real money online casinos.

Reviews and world ranking

LeoVegas’ ultimate goal is to turn its brand into an international icon. The group’s strategy is to associate the Lion trademark with the keywords Gambling and Casino.

In short, thinking gambling will be thinking LeoVegas. What an ambitious project! Given the casino’s success, the Swedish group’s bet has been successful, yet not everywhere. To be honest, other iconic online casinos have a larger audience. In England, for example, 32Red.com is one of the most popular brands. The same applies to the British online casinos Genting and Grosvenor.