The most frequently asked questions about online roulette are answered here. The aim of our FAQ is to give you information on playing options in the UK.

Which is the best Roulette website?

The question asked by most Roulette fans! The answer to this FAQ depends on several factors. Naming just one online casino is difficult. However, several casino brands do make a difference. To make the best possible choice, visit our real money online casino page. You will find the Roulette websites with exemplary reputations.

FAQ about UK casino

Online Roulette

According to our tests, the best casino offering online Roulette is Villento Casino. This online casino is famous in the UK. All its other casino games are just as convincing.

Live Dealers

With Live Roulette, UK Casino Club offers the most compelling gaming experience. The gaming room with live dealers is a true immersion at the green carpet tables.

Betting online in the UK – Is it legal?

Yes, gambling online is legal in the UK. But please be very careful! To avoid being scammed by virtual offshore casinos, always check that the online casino you are visiting is registered in the UK.

On the Internet, it is best to visit only reputable online casinos that are certified by the United Kingdom Gaming Commission. It’s the best way to be assured you are playing in a trustworthy environment.

What is the legal age required to enter a UK casino?

The legal age is 18 years old. Under no circumstances may a minor accompanied by an adult enter a gaming room, even if the minor is not playing. Please consider the answer to this FAQ very seriously. Any adult who induces a minor to make real money bets is punishable by law. The age limit on any online casino is also 18.

Is registering at an online casino free?

Yes, there is no associated fee. Access to gaming rooms is free, and you can even test any game without spending a penny. A live tour of the gaming room is recommended, so that you can discover what’s going on. Seeing how other players bet in Roulette can also be fun.

UK Casino Software

The most popular online casinos played in the UK are equipped with high-tech software. There are more than forty competing software products on the market. The best performing software is Microgaming.


Microgaming is by far the most reliable Roulette software, and the creator of the best designed casino games.

Casino Action, an outstanding online casino, is equipped with Microgaming games. Both American and European Roulette can be played at Casino Action. Blackjack, poker games and a wide selection of slot machines are also available.

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18+ | Gamble responsibly
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A WR applies to all bonuses

Other Gaming Software

In addition to Microgaming, the world’s most awarded online gambling creator, two other companies are featured: Evolution Gaming and Playtech. These three operators prevail on the UK casino sites. These companies are listed in our Roulette software section.

Can I use my credit card at the casino?

No, in the UK it is forbidden to use a credit card in a casino. The ban is valid in land-based casinos and in online casinos. However, debit cards are accepted. Credit cards have been banned from UK gambling rooms in April 2020 to minimise risks of over-indebtedness among addicted players.

I won, can I cash in my money immediately?

Yes, of course. Simply go to the casino’s banking page and initiate the cashout process. You will need to provide the requested documents beforehand. A copy of your passport must be provided, together with proof of address. These documents can be scanned and uploaded into a secure module. Every UK online casino operates in this way.

Do I have to pay taxes on the earnings?

No, there are no taxes to pay. The UK tax authorities cannot tax gambling earnings. The same applies for Loto: winners are exempt from all taxes. If you have won money at an online casino, you only need to declare the win as capital.

Are bonuses worth it?

Yes they are. However, bonuses at online casinos are only available for new members. Also, conditions of use of bonuses must be respected. They cannot be cashed in if you haven’t played them a certain number of times. Despite these constraints, casino bonuses are a great opportunity! They are a good way to test real money casino websites.

Can I play for free?

Yes, of course. Real money games are also available in demo mode. This allows you to train without taking any risk. It’s the best way to learn how to play.

Do I need to download any software?

No, it’s not necessary. The latest online casinos are equipped with powerful platforms that allow access to instant games. These games are activated via your Internet browser. But if you prefer, you can download the casino software.

Which Casino Roulette pays best?

Of the three roulette games in online casinos, French Roulette pays the best. However, specific playing techniques must be used to detain an advantage. Please read our winning strategies page for more information. Once you’ve learned a few tricks, you’ll see Roulette from a whole new perspective.

What should I do in case of failure?

Internet shutdowns do happen. If this inconvenience occurs during a game, there is no need to worry. Simply log back into the casino and resume your current game. If for technical reasons you loose your Internet access, don’t worry! When you return to the online casino you will see that no problems persist. Your playing area will not have been altered.

Can I close my customer account?

Certainly. Simply contact the casino’s customer support and request that your account be closed. Once the request has been submitted, the casino staff will ensure that you receive any unused funds. This will result in the permanent closure of your account.

Can I be banned from playing?

Yes, any player can be banned from a casino. There is a non-profitable dedicated service for this which works quickly.


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