English Roulette in UK Casinos

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English Roulette is a highlight game in British casinos. It can also be found in European gambling palaces. Players in search of contact greatly enjoy this game.

Online Casinos and English Roulette

English Roulette in the UK
Live game only

What about Internet offers? English roulette is rarely available in online casinos. The reason is that the game is played live with up to seven participants. And what of the appeal of the game? It’s all about the table’s reduced size which allows the dealer and players to be face to face. Replicating the game on an online casino would be a challenge. Technically it’s possible, but it would consume too many resources. It would imply high-speed removable cameras, and much more.

Even the biggest UK remote onlite casinos have chosen not to engage in English roulette.

Solution? Turn to French roulette! It has the same gaming options and winnings as its English counterpart.

A mythical game in London

The City’s many attractions delight its residents and visitors. Gambling is in fact part of London’s nightlife.

In all of the capital’s gaming rooms, English Roulette is in the spotlight. It is a national pride!

A good address for English Roulette?
Yes, Leicester Square in London, at the Hippodrome Casino, the most iconic of all British houses. Don’t miss it, it’s a MUST in London Gambling!

London Hippodrome Gaming House

Places are limited

Only 1 to 7 players are allowed to bet at the English Roulette table. In general, standing is not allowed, only the dealer stands! As with blackjack, participants are settled in high seats, and the dealer acts as a conductor.

Preparing for English Roulette

Once seated at the table, you will need to purchase chips. This is done at the gaming table, not at the casino cashier desk. The dealer accepts both cash and official casino chips. Each participant is assigned a chip colour which is a special feature of English Roulette. It is a luxury, but not only! In the event of a winning bet, a dishonest player cannot announce that it was his bet. This can’t happen in this game!

The game in action

You can only bet once the dealer says: “Place your bets”. Once done, the action begins! When the dealer says “All bets are off”, only a few seconds are left to make your final bets.

When he announces “No more bets”, it is no longer possible to place chips. At this point the dealer spins the wheel. While the wheel spins one way, the dealer throws the ball the other way.

As soon as the ball stops in a pocket, the dealer states the number and its attributes. For example, if the 11 comes out, the dealer says: number 11, Black, Low.

The dealer removes losing bets from the layout and then pays out the winnings starting with the leftmost player, and so on. No sooner done than a new round starts!

Changing chips at the end of the game

When you leave the table, you must ask the dealer to exchange your coloured chips for the standard casino chips. You can then go to the cashier desk to exchange your chips for cash. English Roulette chips never leave the table!


Some strategic bets can cover the entire layout with only a few chips. It is popular in the UK to bet on two columns. In terms of winning odds, it’s 24 to 37. A winning bet of this sort pays 1.5 times the stake. It’s not much but it pays off almost every time. Note that the house will always have an advantage, so hang on to your budget and keep your fingers crossed to stay lucky.

Zero is not a tragedy

The Zero in English Roulette is always favourable to the house. Without this number, chances of winning or probabilities of losing would be in balance. Keep in mind that it’s possible to bet on the Zero, and that it’s the same as betting on a full number. The Zero therefore pays 35 times the stake on a full winning bet.
Zero in the English Roulette
The rules of English Roulette favour losing bets over single chances when the Zero comes up. In this case, losing bets are refunded in half. In fact, the Zero rule applies to three wheels: English, French and Mini Roulette.

English Roulette pays better

English Roulette, apart from a few details, follows the same principles as its French counterpart. The roulette layout is smaller in size and often blue or red in colour, and the number of participants is limited to seven. The game moves quickly, and there’s a warm ambiance. The game’s strength? There is a rule that allows half of the losing bets to be recovered when the Zero comes out. This rule applies to single odds. As a result, English Roulette pays better than the popular American and European roulettes.

Our opinion on English Roulette

This is our team’s favourite roulette! As profitable as French roulette, the English is much more fun. Although this game is not listed in our online roulette guide, we can only recommend it to gambling fans. Are you interested in this game? If so, all you have to do is go to a British casino.