12 Number Mini Roulette

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Casino Mini Roulette is a simplified version of the legendary game. The wheel and layout of the mini game have the same features as the classic 36-number roulette, but with 12 numbers.

The rules of Mini Roulette are based on the other roulettes. Because there are few numbers, it’s the easiest table game to play. The wheel and layout amount to one third of the original version.

Online Casino Mini Roulette

Betting in Mini Roulette

Compared to other roulette games, there are fewer betting options in Mini Roulette. Only 8 bets are possible. As with French roulette, when the Zero comes out, a special rule applies. On a losing bet, only half of the wager is lost on colour or pairs. As a result, bets on single odds are the most played on this game.
12-number and Zero Mini Roulette Layout
Inside bets

Bet Number Payout
Straight-up 1 number 12/1
Split 2 numbers 6/1
Street 3 numbers 4/1
Square 4 numbers 3/1
Outside bets

Bet Number Payout
Red or black 6 numbers 1/1
Odd or even 6 numbers 1/1
Column 4 numbers 2/1
1/3 of the layout 4 numbers 2/1

Where to play?

Not all UK casino sites have Mini Roulette in their catalogue. In fact, the game is a Playtech exclusive. The brand is leader on the international market of online table games.

Playtech casinos have an excellent reputation. In the UK, the provider’s affiliated casino websites are among the most played on the Internet. The most legendary of the group’s casinos is Casino.com.

Casino.com’s games are of impeccable quality. Becoming a member of its game rooms gives you certain advantages:

  • A welcome bonus is offered*,
  • All Playtech games are available,
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Mini Roulette Interface

To start playing, select a chip and place it on the layout. You can make as many bets as you like but there are limits on how much you can bet. Generally, the lowest bet is £1, and the highest £100.

Have you made your bets? Click [SPIN] to spin the wheel!

The winning number is displayed as soon as the wheel stops in one of the thirteen pockets. At this point, winnings are paid out and losing bets withdrawn.

Only you can decide when to turn the wheel. It’s as if you were the dealer! Compared to other roulettes, this is a great thing! It avoids feeling obliged to bet on every spin. As a player, you’re in control of the game.

In Mini Roulette, you can bet identically on each spin. To do this, click on [REBET]. To withdraw gains, simply press [CLEAR]. When you win a game session and don’t wish to continue playing, just click on [CASH OUT].

Tiny Playtech game

The Zero

There’s one very good thing about Mini Roulette when the Zero comes out: losing bets on single odds are refunded at 50%. Without this Zero rule there would be no point in playing due to the advantage for the game house. The half refund rule on losing bets makes Mini Roulette a game that attracts players looking for tips and tricks.

Mini Roulette Reviews

The miniature aspect of the wheel makes it an easy game to master. Although the 36-number roulettes are cornerstones, the Mini Roulette has earned a degree of notoriety.

Yet Mini Roulette has a weakness. The house edge is 7.69% on inside bets which is not a good payout rate. It implies a return to player rate of only 92.31%. On the other hand, by betting only on single odds, the house profit margin is reduced to 3.85% and the RTP rises to 96.15%. This tip rises the winning odds virtually to the level of European roulette, but most important, it goes beyond those of the American roulette!