Legal and Verified Online Casino – 5 Essential Points

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Are Online Casinos Legal and Reliable?

When it comes to online casinos, one of the most critical questions is whether they are legal and honest. It’s vital to verify the legitimacy of your chosen casino in your country to ensure a safe and enjoyable gaming experience. This way, you’ll never sign up for a fraudulent site.

This article presents five essential points to help you determine if an online casino is legal.

1. Play at a Legal Online Casino

Before placing your bets, ensure the online casino you’re eyeing has a license in your region. Typically, you can find this information in the casino’s official documents, often on their [About] and [FAQ] pages. Recognition from a reputable Gambling Commission in your country is a positive sign.

Legal Casino Sites Around the World

Online gambling is authorized in nearly 80 countries across the globe. The most liberal markets include the United Kingdom, Canada, and various European nations.

Outside the UK, select American states, Scandinavian countries, and many European Economic Community (EEC) countries have embraced online casino gaming through robust regulations.

Legal Online Casino on the Internet and Reliable Games

2. Minimum Age to Play at the Casino

The minimum legal age for playing for real money at online casinos mirrors that of land-based casinos. In the United Kingdom and Europe, most countries set the age limit at 18. However, depending on your location, it can range from 19 to 23. Reputable online casinos verify players’ ages during registration by requesting identity documents and proof of residence.

3. Casino Gaming Commissions

Gaming laws vary from one country to another, and each region has its gaming authority. In the UK, the home of this guide, the esteemed UK Gambling Commission regulates the online casino market.

Across Europe, most online casinos are registered with the Malta Gambling Authority (MGA).

In places like New Zealand, where internet gambling laws aren’t clear, the MGA often serves as a benchmark.

4. Online Gambling Publishers

To provide top-notch casino games, operators collaborate with third-party publishers. The most reputable publishers engage Gambling Commissions for regular game testing, ensuring fairness. These monthly screenings guarantee honest games.

The most popular publishers in the online casino industry are:

  1. Evolution Gaming
    The international leader in live dealer games.
  2. Global Games
    A network of publishers listed around the world.
  3. Microgaming
    The most awarded provider in the slots niche.
  4. NetEnt
    An iconic publisher in the table games and slots niche.
  5. Switch Studios
    The most innovative publisher of Blackjack and Roulette games.

Games from these publishers are certified by regulatory agencies like the UK Gambling Commission

5. Only Choose eCOGRA Casino Sites

eCOGRA, an independent agency established in 2003, regulates and monitors the online gaming industry. Its mission is to promote fair and responsible gaming, safeguard player rights, and ensure a secure gaming environment. Opting for online casinos that are eCOGRA members ensures you’re playing in a trustworthy environment.

Besides regulating the industry, eCOGRA also offers dispute resolution services for players with issues concerning online gaming operators.

In summary, eCOGRA’s primary goal is to create a secure and fair online gaming environment, maintaining high standards of integrity in collaboration with operators.

Casino Sites to Avoid

Regrettably, there are rogue online casinos on the internet, often hosted in countries that disregard international laws. These casinos may offer rigged games, potentially causing players to lose their money unfairly.

Always verify if a reliable gambling commission recognizes the online casino you’re considering to avoid such scams. Additionally, researching the reputation of online casinos is effective. A simple Google search of a casino’s name can yield player reviews and testimonials, helping you identify potential scams.

In conclusion, your online gaming experience can be both legal and verified, provided you take these precautions and choose your casino wisely.